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Between sales and customer experince teams: conflict or synergy? Postado em: 21/12/2018

Between sales and customer experince teams: conflict or synergy?


Hello result seekers,

Today I want to talk about a very recurrent subject when a company wants to improve the productivity of the sales team: eliminate the amount of requests or complaints from customers received by the commercial area.

It is very common for the seller to justify the lack of sales results saying that he is spending a lot of time dealing with customer complaints and requests - and most of the time, it´s true. And consequently, for this reason, it can not reach the goal.

And, on the other hand, it´s very common to hear from the customer experience team that salespeople are promising what they do not have to deliver, and hence customers do not stop complaining in the contact center - and most of the time, this is the reality of the facts . And let´s remember the client, right ?! Anyway, it is a complaint for everything that is side.


How can we resolve this conflict?

Managing the contact center from a business point of view makes all the difference. It is the vision of service management focused on customer satisfaction, and also on seller satisfaction, which allows a lot of synergy between teams in the pursuit of total customer satisfaction.

Rather than defining the roles and responsibilities between sales and service teams, the strategy of the contact center should be geared to the needs of both customers and salespeople. And we are not only talking about the need for technical support, which is the most common need (we understand that it is the obligation of the commercial area to know in depth the product of your company). A range of customer service status information needs to be made available to the sales team. More, inform the progress of the requests, complaints, the mood of the client or even other information that was captured by the customer contact, such as mention of competition, contractual information or interest in new products. It is necessary that the sales team interacts with the service team, in line with the "pains" of the commercial team.

It is critical to go beyond reports full of managerial information. We also like these! But we must take care of the company´s ecosystem, of the good relationship between the commercial area and the customer care service area. One needs to talk to the other. There is a very thin line between the customer and the seller, after all this is the first customer of your company. And it is for this reason that the service of the seller needs to have even more sense of urgency. The sales team needs to have access to the progress of customer requests through a channel where they can call for help and be served quickly. It is possible to guarantee tranquility in the solution of problems so that when there is a new meeting, between the client and the seller, everything is solved.

What about technology? It´s needed? Well, it enables an availability and a wide variety of channels so that the customer, the salesperson and the attendant can "interact", as well as guarantee the history of the interactions in these channels. That is, having software helps a lot in the quality of the interactions and the reduction of costs. And there are good solutions in the market. However, without proper vision of the business, there will never be a harmonious coexistence.

And finally, they say that when, at the table, the conversation is about the dish you are eating, it is because the food is really exceptional, or as the gastronomic guides like to rate, they are worth 5 stars. The same, therefore, can be said about the conversation between the customer and the seller: if it is about the customer care service of the company, it is because regardless of the price, the product is worth it!


Do you agree or disagree with this information? Would you like to share your experience with us? Then leave a comment or write us an email.

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