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2019 - Customer care service management on digital journey age Postado em: 28/11/2018

Hello results seekers,


Social media generate high exposure at the same time that the level of customer demand for quality and transparency increases exponentially. But it is essential to be well understood: It is not the technology that is changing the world, but the customer because of the technologies. There is a new, digitally savvy customer. This DIGITAL client that is immersed in digital is a new type of consumer that is changing the direction of things.


There is a new customer. But how did it come about?


Statistics show that by 2025 Generation Y (Millennials) will be 44% of the economically active population of Brazil. This generation emerged in a time of great technological advances, having the virtual environment as a system of social interaction, media and the level of labor relations. It was the first generation to be truly born in the digital medium, even if incipient.


It does not matter if it is Facebook, Instagram, Google Store, Live Chat, Email, Phone, in short, it is the customer who chooses which channel wants to be answered. With so many options today, the volume of interactions and the diversity of channels grows exponentially.


With so many options, we have more and more complex journeys. It is the new DIGITAL client who will show us which journey should be traveled. According to NeoAssist´s "Experience Insights 2018: how businesses and consumers relate" (Sep / 2018) survey, 30% of consumers get to use more than 8 types of channels when they want to be served by the companies.


And how do you manage all this?


The problem of the current management is not the treatment of the amount of interactions (we have the automations for this), but of the quality and the personalization of these interactions. The current challenge is "scalable quality" at the same time that it´s necessary keeping costs low, without accompanying the increased complexity.


We need to create a new service management model, less and less concerned with traditional metrics and increasingly focused on the reputation of the service. It is necessary that a new management model emerges capable of curating care channels. We are not talking about technology here (onmicanality is way and not end). The new contact center professional will need to take a fresh look at the interaction management model.


In the old model, the service area guarantees the quality of the service delivered directly through the delivery of performance indicators, centrally through performance reports that pass through the managers´ avaliation before arriving in the hands of the board of the companies.


Usually the focus here was on managing the volumes of telephone calls answered or emails dealt with.


Customer Care Uberization


In the new contact center management model, the quality of the product and service is directly evaluated by the consumer, in a decentralized manner in the most diverse platforms. Just like in Uber, it´s the users who will evaluate the best contact center experiences. The final grade is exposed, and therefore a much higher level of transparency is required.


Instead of the satisfaction index we have the reputation index!


And look how interesting! The cost more than ever becomes more and more determinant for the survival of the service structures. According to surveys, it is 20 times cheaper to serve the customer on the platform that the customer has chosen (eg, Facebook, Google Store) than over the phone.


And last but not least, while many predict the end of the Call Center as we know it today, and several other activities - it is worth checking the activities that will disappear according to the forecast published by the World Economic Forum (weforum.org) , many other businesses are transforming


The Contact Center of this new century is not focused on exponentiality, but on exponential quality: more personalization at lower cost.

Do you agree or disagree with this information? Would you like to share your experience with us? Then leave a comment or write us an email.

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